Led Zep 


‘Led Zep – A musical tribute to Led Zeppelin’ has taken on the challenging but rewarding task of recreating these songs as close to the originals as possible during their live performances. They use the same gear the mighty Zeppelin used and pay close attention to detail. One of the best things about ‘Led Zep’ is that even though they do play the popular songs, they also play deep cuts from the bands lengthy catalog and people really enjoy hearing the tunes that weren’t played over and over for decades on the radio. These guys really care about the fans and they show it every time they take the stage!

            Led Zep Channel Assignment's
Ch   1   Kick Drum
Ch   2   Snare Top
Ch   3   Snare Bottom
Ch   4   Rack Tom
Ch   5   Floor Tom 1
Ch   6   Floor Tom 2
Ch   7   Overhead Left
Ch   8   Overhead Right
Ch   9   Tympani
Ch 10   Gong
Ch 11   Bass Mic
Ch 12   Bass DI
Ch 13   Guitar Left
Ch 14   Guitar Right
Ch 15   Keys Left
Ch 16   Keys Right
Ch 17   Acoustic Guitar Left
Ch 18   Acoustic Guitar Right
Ch 19   Djembe Upper
Ch 20   Djembe Lower
Ch 21   Theramin Left
Ch 22   Theramin Right 
Ch 23   String's Left
Ch 24   String's Right
Ch 25   Acoustic  Bass
Ch 26   Bass Vox
Ch 27   Lead Vox Left
Ch 28   Lead Vox Right
Ch 29   Keyboard's Vox
Ch 30   Drummer's Vox
Ch 31   Media Player Left
Ch 32   Media Player Right

We are using a Midas M32c for our in ears and we use a balanced transformer snake splitter so your front of house can access all our channel easily and conveniently. We provide our own mics and stands. 

Sample Video